Back to school for retailers


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Retailers and consumers alike are already starting to focus on the upcoming Back-to-School (BTS) shopping period. Many retailers have already launched their BTS 2017 advertising campaigns to the market, getting an early start to the second largest selling season of the year.

Market Track will be monitoring advertising, promotional, and pricing execution throughout the 2017 BTS season. To kick things off, we reviewed how major retailer players executed their BTS campaigns in 2016 vs. the previous year. Our analysis includes key comparisons on pairs of retailers, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and more. In the report, you will find:

  • Shifts in Back-to-School ad spend by retailer
  • How retailer execution aligned with shopper behaviors
  • Changes in promotional volume by retailer
  • Overview of Amazon's pricing patterns during BTS 2016

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